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The Rich History of Swedish Design

An organic section documenting our creative development

Here, in the Classic section, we are posting material from the collective archives of Svensk Form and the Centre for Business History - including  images, articles and films plus entire presentations. You can read about Bruno Mathssons chairs, Baby Björn, The Dala Horse or Absolut Vodka all a part of Swedish design history.

Given that Svensk Form has the longest existing design magazine in the world, Form, and is the oldest design-related organisation in the world, it's going to be a wonderfully revealing journey as we travel back in time. Yet, when you compound that thought with the realisation that the Centre for Business History has the largest archive in Europe, stretching back well into the 19th centrury, the prospect is even more tantalising.

Welcome to

At, a collaboration between Swedish Design and the Centre for Business History, you can find more detailed information and search through pictures, books, articles, and archive documents from 1845 to 2013. You must first register and apply to become a user. Please note that the webbpage is in swedish. 

Take part in shaping the future history

As grows, so does the history of Swedish design itself; with each new contributor playing a very active part in shaping the future history of a nation which already has a pretty enviable legacy of creating, thinking and producing.

Special offer

Those first to upgrade to Premium can archive 10 images at the Centre for Business History where they'll be saved and used for future research on Swedish Design. You'll join and be seen in the same light as some of Sweden's most respected designers as a part of design history.

Read more about the Centre for Business History here.