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Excellent Swedish Design Awards

Around the halls of Svensk Form there hangs a spectre, a name still uttered with reverence and passion; Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design), an award Svensk Form handed out from 1982 through until the start of the new millennium.

It's existence began as a way to highlight the importance of good design - in a time when the occupation was on the wane. The move was initiated by Hans-Christer Ericson the, then, chairman of Svensk Form. The concept was that this award could be given not just to designers but to the producers and others involved in bringing a project to fruition, placing the public's focus back upon design. In 1983 the award's first jury met to deal out the opening round of the Awards of Excellence. The prize itself continued through until 2002 and, during its tenure, evolved to take in other design disciplines; moving with the times to include things like web design and brand identity.

While Svensk Form still hands out its own award, Design S, Utmärkt Svensk Form and its bold logotype (designed by Ericson himself) remains something of an enigma in the history of Svensk Form and Swedish design itself.