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Sweden in style

October 30, 2012

It' is time for another Swedish invasion during Tokyo Design Week. This time the Swedes are mustering under the moniker Sweden in Style to mark a new line of design attack from the north. In total there will be three exhibitions and many additional events and happenings, organised by Svensk Form, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo between October 28th and November the 4th.

At the Swedish Embassy, in the heart of Roppongi, is STOCKHOLM GRAPHICS-INTERIORS, where graphic designer, Pompe Hedengren, illustrator and childrens book author, Stina Wirsén, and industrial designer, Anna Hörling will fill the space with illustrations, textiles, furniture, porcelain, kids books and much more in a diverse exhibition for all generations.

Under the umbrella, CONTEMPORARY COLLECTED a range of Swedish designers and companies will be gathering across two different spaces in Tokyo. In this show Svensk Form hands the reins to two of its most cherished Swedish curators, Katrin Greiling and Gustaf Kjellin who are collaborating with its Japanese contact Teruo Kurosaki; three safe pairs of hands. Both exhibition spaces will lift the lid on current Swedish design tendancies; one space (Gallery Midori So) focusing on objects, the other (the library, IKI-BA) taking a better look at graphic design, print material and books. The central impetus is to give a wide overview of design from both emerging and established creators based upon samples of their work, yet that these exhibited items have to be able to fit into a suitcase ie. no shipping containers. Some 50 designers will have work on show, while a program of seminars will ensure no two days are alike.

There will also be a dedicated SWEDEN IN STYLE PECHAKUCHA NIGHT organised at the nightclub Superdeluxe, which celebrates ten years of action - together with founders, Klien Dytham Architects. The PechaKucha phenomenon, which began in 2003, has now spread to over 560 towns and cities worldwide with twelve being in Sweden alone. 


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