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November 19, 2012

In a world seemingly dominated by insta-apps and the digitisation of analogue thinking there's still small pockets of resistance; folk who kick and scream in the face of such false camera trickery. Cue InstaCRT, a project from an unlikely collaboration between filmmaker, Ruben Broman, photographer, Erik Wåhlstrom and developer Martin Ström.

Their app, InstaCRT operates in a similar fashion to the world-beating application from which it takes its opposing stance yet functions in real time from a studio in Stockholm. You, the user, take a photo using your smart phone and the InstaCRT app. The image is sent to Stockholm where it is split into its constituent red, blue, green channels and each channel displayed on a small black and white CRT (cathode ray tube, like your old big TV) located in the InstaCRT team's office. A digital camera is set up opposite the screen, which snaps the picture as it's shown on the screen in real time. The three channels are recombined to form an RGB image which is sent back to your phone where you can save it and share it.

Breathtakingly longwinded and all the more lovely for it. Seems we're not alone in thinking so either; so far the app has been used for over 100,000 images while the team has been featured in The Economist, FastCoDesign, Engadget, Boing Boing to  name a few blogs and papers.




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