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Hooked on Nude

November 20, 2012

The White Briefs is a Swedish fashion label that really thinks things through. It's a solid example of how many Swedish companies function; a holistic approach to business, born of being a nation which has, historically, been quite isolated.
The upshot is that we often see great examples of brands really 'taking care of business'. A consistent train of creative thought and application looking at the wider picture of actually being in business.
This time the brand, which is based in Österlen (southern Sweden) has worked with artist and curator Gustaf Nordernskiöld for a project entitled, omniously, The Hook.

Together with The White Briefs' founder, Peter Simonsson, Nordenskiöld has created a small porcelain hook designed to complement the flowing forms of White Briefs garments, allowing them to sway organically; offering movement in a visual merchanise setting or indeed decoratively in private use.
Nordensiöld's extruded clay rolls are hand formed before being fired to 1280 degrees and finished in clinical white or a raw, nude version.
"The Hook is the result of a symbiosis of the actual production process and refined end product," notes the artisan.


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