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November 13, 2012

Svensk Form has overseen a PechaKucha in Stockholm for many years now. It's now well into double figures and approaching its 40th PechaKucha night, which will be held sometime next year.
The event is a true one of a kind, offering a remarkable opportunity to see many different presentations from individuals and companies with the daring to step onto the stage and into the limelight. The concept was initiated by Klein Dytham Architects in Tokyo many moons ago as an answer to the way in which architects and designers tend to fall in love with the sound of their own voice when handed a microphone. So, to avoid situations in which the audience rises up in a fit of tedium, a new presentation concept was born - PechaKucha (the Japanese phrase meaning conversation).
As must all folk wishing to hold PechaKucha nights, Svensk Form's PechaKucha's adhere to the simple yet strict rules which apply to all: each speaker chooses a topic of their choice, illustrating that using 20 images - each of which being show in sequence for exactly 20 seconds.
Recently there have been some fantastic nights in Stockholm  including a captivating presentation about the development of Lindy Hop in Harlem by founder of Stockholm's Chicago75 dance studio, Lennart
Westerlund - whose presentation culminated in a 'social dance' with his partner.
There are lots of towns and cities across Sweden with PechaKucha nights, so check the website for more details.


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