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TAFing it Upside Down

November 18, 2012

TAF created Upside Down for danish producer HAY, the latest in a growing line of Swedish designer collaborating with the Danish firm. The series of tables was exhibited at the Cabinetmakers autumn exhibition at Throvalds museum in Copenhagen.

"We've been fascinated for along with by the underside of furniture and the construction you find when you turn a chair or table upside down," notes TAF co-founder Gabrielle Gustafson.

In an attempt to make more people think about constructional elements, the series deliberately exposes some of the classic cabinetmaking skills in a striking collection of pieces.

"There is a lot of beauty, knowledge and excellency in the craftsmanship revealed," continues TAF's other co-founder, Mattias Ståhlbom.

The series is a worthy addition to the annual exhibition which places tradition and handcraft on a pedestal and in firm view of the public.


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