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What the?

November 14, 2012

Indeed. What are Collections I hear you ask? A fair point so thought we'd clarify a week before we flip the switch and make go live.
Our site has been built around a number of different functions to make it easy to update and constantly have new content for the visitors to enjoy. So, a collection is simply a group of items we've picked from the growing number of contributors. It might be a collection of the best fashion pieces deftly published to tie in with Stockholm's Fashion Week. Five items picked from the past week, some of the best functional lamps, our favourite TV stands... Anything.
It's a double-edged sword this one. Obviously everyone has a chance to be a part of a collection, simply by loading your work for all to see. But also, the collections are a bit handy for editors and section editors - think of it my press chums, no more will you have to trawl through countless catalogues for similar items for your monthly news pages. Just hop on a couple of times a week and your jobs done.


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