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Stockholm's Furniture Festival

December 06, 2012

February is not far away and there are no doubt many of you who are planning special events, launches etc to tie in with Stockholm's Furniture Festival and the Stockholm Furniture & Light fair.
Speaking with a little experience it can be super tough to get organised if you're visiting town, especially if you're a journalist or member of the so-called 'international press' - whose time in Stockholm consists of sitting on a bus being taken to and from Alvsjö and a few other preordained destinations. And, speaking again with the advantage of hindsight, we all know there are much better events and showcases happening which deserve all the attention they can get.
So, right now, with time in hand, drop us a line if you're up to anything specific in February so we can post it here and make sure your launch, opening or installation gets a slice of the cake.

Marginal Notes was one of the successes of Stockholm Design Week 2012

Marginal Notes by Note Design Studio has taken place twice now during Stockholm Design Festival. Happening off-site it's been a big draw for visitors.


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