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Guest Editor Roseanna Roberts

January 30, 2013

Canadian-born colour and trend forecaster, Roseanna Roberts is our next guest editor. She's gone for a more instantaneous approach to selecting the contributions for her collection.

Roberts has been involved in the super-advanced world of trend forecasting for many years now, working across the globe for the world's biggest forecasting studios. She's even been interviewed for Time Magazine about the secretive art of colour forecasting and its impact on the fashion world.

Essentially, what Roberts seeks to do is identify the factors which will exert an influence on our lives, and consequently our way of consuming. With design and its producers requiring so much in the way of tooling, development and planning for an item being launched, updated or developed - the work of Roberts and her fellow forecasters is integral to the success of almost every part of our consumed lives. From packaging, to marketing, seasonal collections, make up, industrial design, toothpastes...

Although no designer would really admit to using forecasted information, it would be unwise not to pay attention to what Roberts and her forecasting counterparts analyse, break down and give to designers around the world so that they can create things that better suit our needs. 


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