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October 29, 2013 Tags: Pick of the Day

We've decided to move Pick of the Day from our facebook page to it's rightful home. Right here. To kick things off we look at the glass series Svea by Objecthood.

We've picked Ojecthood's tasteful glass series, Svea for today's pick. The series was designed by Objecthood for the Designtorget store's 20th anniversary.
The series' form is lifted from a glass bottle as a start point, but features some very deep, rich colour accents to lift each piece. There's a wonderful weight to each piece, bought about by the inclusion of a bottle's bearing plate (the thick bit at the foot of a bottle).
Objecthood is one of our new contributors, formed of four multi-disciplinary designers whose expertise stretches from architecture to product and industrial design. The firm works collaboratively with its clients, striving for a clarity of form and high production values.


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