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Saturn by Rasmus Malbert, Pick of the Day

October 31, 2013 Tags: Pick of the Day

"We're used to seeing a lamp as a light source with a surrounding shading material," begins designer/lecturer Rasmus Malbert on Saturn, his atypical lighting concept.
"When light emits from inside a shape, the material is seen in contrast to the light and, consequently, we read it as a non-material," continues the designer.
It's this aspect which informed Saturn as a piece, as Malbert explores LED's potential within the context of different materials and geometry. Intelligent work as one might expect from this materials specialist.
Malbert isn't the only lecturer teaching at Malmsten's on the site. We've also got the equally talented David Ericsson. Both are fine exponents of leading by example and instilling new generations of Swedish designers with a tenacity for pushing materials and material use forward.


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