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Crowd by David Taylor

November 25, 2013 Tags: Pick of the Day, craft, updated profile

Craft genuis, David Taylor hails from Scotland and has been steadily carving himself a steadfast niche in Sweden's craft landscape ever since graduating from Konstfack in 1999. He travelled with Svensk Form's Swedish Love Stories to Milan in 2011 and has managed to achieve that tricky balance between acceptance in both design and art fields. His latest profile update brings us more of his Crowd series; a very interesting study into mass-producing craft - with an ever evolving series of candlesticks in various materials which change each time a member of the crowd is bought.
Each member of crowd gets its own name too, which we think is a wonderful element of this very progressive craft series. Crowd is mass-produced but, at the same time, each one is exclusive given Taylor's reluctance to stick to one single design or combination of materials.
Want more? Check out the coverage of his first Crowd series.


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