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Hoko by Ricardo Sa Freire - Pick of the Day

November 04, 2013 Tags: Pick of the Day

Hoko is functional and attractive. What's not to love about this clothes peg for the modern age. Stockholm-based designer, Ricardo Sa Freire  has quite the extensive portfolio. On his profile alone he shows industrial design covering technology, FMCGs and safety equipment for action sports. If you visit his webpage (the link's on his page like all our other contributors) you'll see this is the tip of the iceberg.
Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, the designer injects all his work with crisp styling, intelligent problem solving and a flambouyant (and welcome) colour sensibility.
For all the preconceived notions that Sweden is plagued by monochrome fever, it's worth remembering that intelligent use of colour is proven to be the single biggest factor in any successful design.


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