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Design Festival Special Guest

February 05, 2013

As it's the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair this week we invited our friend, David Carlson, founder of the David Report, founder of David Design and co-founder of the world-renowned knowledge sharing resource, Designboost to make a guest selection.

There's no denying the impact Carlson has had internationally in terms of spreading new concepts and knowledge concerning modern approaches to designing and thinking sustainably. The Designboosts held throughout the years in various countries draw together incredible amounts of design professionals keep to learn more, share their experiences and strive to make our world a better place to live in through the power of design which bears the hallmarks of good ethical thinking. So it's no surprise his selection reflects that very ethos.

"Design can play a more vital role than today, matter more by adding value and provide understanding in cultural, aesthetic, and in everyday terms. For me design must be relevant to the human condition, contribute to human activity, and have a value beyond its purchase price. "Design that matter" is design that move beyond mere style and shape to include experience, service, or participation. Design results in lasting value when it relates and is affective, tells a narrative, enhances our life style, and creates personal and cultural identity. The products in my selection reflects this view, in one way or the other."

See David Carlson's selection.

Read our recent news piece on David's latest book, a blueprint to better design.


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