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Plus Ett With Love

February 14, 2013

The Levels lamp by Swedish firm, Form Us With Love is the latest in a long line of products, furniture and items to win Form Magazine's +1 Award. The award is give to what the previous winner sees as the best new piece of design at Stockholm's Furniture & Light Fair.

Levels by Form Us With Love wins the +1 Award

The lamp is the second piece designed by Form Us With Love for One Nordic, the popular producer specialsing in mail-order pieces from Scandinavia. So far One Nordic has created a very appealing and very Scandinavian roster of products and items, which are gathering both press and strong business.

Levels by Form Us With Love wins the +1 Award

The metal pendant lamp is designed to contain as little 'air' as possible when packed for shipping and grows into its form when removed from its box, its spun metal elements pulled gently into place. "We love that the design concept is build upon intuition, suggesting that the receiver understands more with less," explains the design studio.

Levels by Form Us With Love wins the +1 Award

It's another feather in the cap for one of Sweden's winningest design collectives and a definite positive for One Nordic's unusual yet ingenious ethos. The question on everyones' lips though is whether Form Us With Love will buck with trend and give the award next year to a female?

We've got the entire list of previous winners in one of our Classic Collections.


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