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New Guest Editor - Stylus' Claire Walsh

March 20, 2013 Tags: Claire Walsh, guest editor, Stylus, Stylus trends, Swedish Design

We're delighted and proud to welcome Stylus' Claire Walsh to as the new Guest Editor.

"My selection encompasses the clean lines and unfussy silhouettes that Scandinavian design is famed for, but bucks the trend by including a few forms that are textural and jarring. Iconic mid-century designers – those that put Scandinavia initially on the design map – would temper rational forms, with a one-off piece, say hand-woven textiles, or a hand thrown-pot. The idea was to mix the ingenuity of mass production with the marvel of hand-made. These pieces prove that Scandinavian design is still exploring both routes with the same rigour – and they can sit side-by-side in the home," she says about her careful selection of items from our contributors.

Walsh herself is based in London where she sits in the hallowed halls of Stylus, one of the world's most respected trend agencies - writing mainly about lfiestyle, design and travel for the site and its subscribers. Her work has also graced the pages of Elle Decoration and she's regular contributor to Sight Unseen. Walsh's keen eye for design has been put to good use too by Wallpaper*, where she edited its City Guide to Helsinki and Interior of London Style, published in 2011.

Suffice to say, just to have her browse our contributors is quite an honour. And if you've been plucked as part of her collection - well...


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