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Swedish Design in Milan 2013

March 26, 2013 Tags: Milan 2013 YoungSwedishDesign Salone Satellite.

Markus Johansson's come a long way from his intricate Nest chair which got its first proper outing at Check In back in 2011 during the Stockholm Design Week of the same year.
The young designer then followed Svensk Form to Swedish Design Goes Milan, where his professionalism was an example to all others (including the more established brands), never without a notebook tucked under his arm.
The designer, based in Gothenburg, is set to be a busy chap in Milan this year, with a brace of new products being unveiled at both Swedish Design Goes Milan (for Olby) in Zona Tortona and Salone Satellite at the fairgrounds. At Satellite Johansson brings the new Walking Cabinet, Pippi decanter and Harlequin chair.
The designer's work always bears the hallmarks of the very best Swedish design with a focus on very high quality construction and finishing, which means it's no real wonder Johansson's client list is starting to stretch now. Great work.

Hop on the website for a better peek.

Walking Cabinet by Swedish Designer Markus Johansson

Harlequin Chair

Pippi by Markus Johansson

Group Montage


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