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Boris' Thoughts

April 23, 2013

Boris Vasić is the editor of Form magazine and our latest guest editor, his guest collection is one of our more cerebral offerings so far - setting design against a political context and raising in the process many valid and important questions. Here's what he has to say about his collection entitled, Political Form.

"Political form"

Everything we do has a political dimension: production, trade and consumption. In just this past year non-political events, such as the UFEA Euro 2012 or the Eurovision Song Contest, have become battle grounds for international politics and diplomacy. In Russia, a dance in a church has led to the imprisonment of three women. And, more seriously, the past years' Arabic Spring has turned to civil war in Syria and political unrest in Egypt.
 What we often forget is that design and architecture also work in a global arena, marked by politics. What do we say to the Swedish architecture firm that has just opened shop in Russia, in the wake of Pussy Riot and the ongoing Russian rearment? Or to the Danish one that for years has the islamist Saudi goverment as client? And what do we say to all of the designers and companies that are producing their designs in undemocratic China (yes, it still is)?
Here, I have chosen a couple of projects that in different ways react to political discussions and issues. Issues such as civil unrest, police surveillance, migration and religion are all represented in my selection.


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