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Happy Birthday Mobile Phone

April 04, 2013

Today marks the 40th birthday of the mobile phone. Remember when they first came out and people worried repeated use would give everyone brain damage? Or does that mark us as old. Regardless, Sweden has a long telecommunication history stretching back to the first telephone from Lars Magnus Ericsson.
If you fancy throwing a bit of phone-related trivia out there today, you could note that (if viewed through binoculars or a zoom lens) the first office of Ericsson - situated at the top of one of the towers at the end of the bridge stretching from St Eriksplan to Kungsholmen (at the Kungsholmen end) - has a number of stylised statues crowning its upper balcony. These statues hold phones to their ears.
Ericsson keeps a giant archive of its fascinating material at our partners, Centre for Business History's special archive site.

LM Eriksson

CfN April 09, 2:05 PM

or more about swedish telecom history at

CfN April 09, 2:01 PM

Learn more about Ericson at

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