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Swedish Design Goes Milan Preview

April 02, 2013

Swedish Design Goes Milan is an initiative which Svensk Form began in 2009, taking a group of Swedish designers and companies to the city's famous Milan Design Festvial and to Superstudio Piú. Since its debut, the collective exhibition has quickly become one of the jewels in Sweden's crown where international exhibitions are concerned - always high in quality, execution and content. Last year Swedish Design Goes Milan had a little hiatus to regroup and examine whether the format needed a change of shape or organisational rejiggle.
So, this year, it returns to its rightful place, Superstudio - perhaps the most important stopping point for any design lover outside the exhibition halls of Rho.
At the helm of the 2013 installment is Möbelriket (The Furniture Kingdom), an organisation representing a large group of manufacturers and industry in Lammhults, Sweden. It has been joined by a heavy collaboration between a number of Sweden's official channels and Svensk Form. So it's a safe bet that Swedish Design Goes Milan 2013 is going to live up to the standards set by previous outings. The show runs from the 9-15th April. For more information visit the SDGL site. Alternatively, if you want to whet the appetite, you're welcome to download the catalogue so contact some exhibitors now and book a few meetings in the diary if you so desire.


Swedish Design Goes Milan


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