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May 22, 2013

At the first sign of good weather, Svensk Form gathers its little team at a small summer house outside Stockholm to take stock, plan a little and give some attention to getting better acquainted. Sometimes that 'getting to know you' notion is extended to some of the things which Svensk Form actually does. A couple of years ago it was Form magazine that was given some love. This year it was this very website that had some time under the spotlight.
Being the Swedish Society for Crafts and Design the organisation has decades of design experience under its belt, with may of its staff boasting keen eyes for design and creativity. so, with that in mind, we set them a task of splitting into little groups to pull together their own collections. So, ladies and gentlemen, we lead off the special job of Guest 'Svensk Form' Editors with a collection from our head of communications, Anna Bellander, office manager, Helene Wallin-Hedström and our economy director, Anneli Wardell.

Here's their collection.


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