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Get 'em while they're ung

June 14, 2013

IKEA has, arguably, one of the most cunning marketing teams in design. The company name figuring among the most widely-used synonyms for design in the modern world. Obviously the business model is great and only a fool would deny the impact on our lives of those classics like the Billy in our interior environments.
So why not do the same for the dolls house? Because that's exactly what the company has done, with the release of its minuturised collection. It could be the company's most devious move to date, preying on those impressionable young minds and instilling a lust for colourful home basics before they've even got a house of their own.
Poignantly, last week the company's venerable founder, Ingvar Kamprad resigned from his position on the board.
So June's been a big/small month for the Swedish giant.


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