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Sandell & iZettle

June 19, 2013

iZettle's card reader has broken many boundaries with its easy interface and simple credit card reader which was perfect for the iPhone 4, slotting neatly into its power slot.
However, newer iPhones and iPads don't have that same style of dock, so the Swedish transaction specialists enlisted the help of none other than Swedish architecture legend, Thomas Sandell for its new, updated reader.
Although, for all his chutzpah Sandell's new reader does not seem to have the same level of aesthetic capatability which made the first reader, designed by Erenstråhle & Wågnert (winner of a Design S in 2012), so unique. Perhaps it's the iPhone itself in its new incarnation that's to blame?
Either way, let's not forget the good work iZettle is doing in making card transactions easier for the small designer and one-man-brands selling from market stalls, craft fairs and other shows.


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