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Summer Press

July 11, 2013

We will soon be on our holidays here at but that's not to say we'll be neglecting the site. Far from it because, as we've mentioned on our facebook page, now is the time in which all editors are at a shortage of good material.
The way the design calendar is structured means that the summer is particularly quiet on the news front. The big companies tend to reserve new material for late summer in preparation for shows like 100% Design and Maison&Objet. So get your contacts in order, make a zip file of high-res images that they can download without a password and create a quick pressrelease with a 60/40 text to quotes ratio and whizz it out to your contacts.
If you've been featured in one of our guest collections or one of our special picks over on the facebook page, make it known. Link to it and use your social network to its best because you never know who might be watching you.
Another thing to do is keep an eye on the trends and lift the work you have which you think fits with those. For example, we're seeing a boom in enamel right now, while pure materials like copper, tin and bronze have been popular for a few seasons now; likewise leather as with the case of Linda Zetterman, pictured below. We'd also be surprised if the creators out there using paper as either a medium or influence get some good coverage.
We wish you all a wonderful summer and thank you all for a great first half of 2013.


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