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Swedish in London

September 19, 2013

Thankfully there will be a few contributors and a plentiful supply of Swedes to keep visitors from tumbling into a pit of boredom as the four-month long London Design Festival begins its seven year stint sometime now. OK, a little exaggerated but the whole point of such events are that they give a nice condensed feast for the senses. In recent years London's behemoth simply seems overkill, with most events not even opening until the final weekend. 
That said, we've got the talented FÄRG & BLANCHE and slickness from Snickeriet showing as part of Cabinets of Curiosity at Mint Shop
And there's also the entire Ung Svensk Form exhibition holding court at Designersblock on the South Bank. 
If you are in town, and have not seen it before, might we recommend a quick trip past the South Bank Undercroft, unofficial home to English skateboarding since the 70s and an architectural landmark facing the bulldozer. 


Fä by Snickeriet


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