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Premium and Regular


Being a Premium contributor is a more extensive way to show what you do and how you do it. You can go deeper into your working processes, loading up background documents, films and you can upload more images.

Becoming a Premium contributor can be done in two ways, join first as a User and then upgrade at a later date using your existing logging information. Or sign up straight away and pay by invoice - dealing directly with CFN. (Initial payments handled securely via PayEx and according to Swedish law)

You can archive up to ten items to the Centre for Business History for prosperity and, in doing so, become an active part of the future hsistory of Swedish Design.

Many of Sweden's most prestigious designers and companies (such as Electrolux, H&M...) archive their material for prosterity with the Centre for Business History. It's here you'll find the world's largest archive of business-related material; both in physical and digital formats.

Premium contributors can entice the audience of with a plethora of media in order to fully promote your work to the engaged and active audience visiting the site.


The easiest and cheapest way to market, showcase your work and publicise what you do is to register is as a User. Once completed, your work will be seen by people across the world, eager to lap up the collective creativity of Sweden. New friends, customers, markets, outlets and potential collaborators.

As a User you pay just 300 SEK for one year's access. If you are a member of Svensk Form, then you pay only 200 SEK per year. (Initial payments handled securely via PayEx and according to Swedish law)

As a User you'll get your own page on which you can publish information about yourself and your work. You can also upload up to four images of your work together with accompanying information and relevant tags to aid searching. You can change those images whenever you wish within the 12 month period of registration. By following the tips on the site, you can also make yourself more searchable, more engaging and enticing to our visitors from across the globe both internally on and external search engines.

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