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Press was founded, in part, as a tool for spreading the work of Swedish designers internationally and nationally through the online and offline press channels.

In this section we'll explain quickly about the best ways to interact with the Contributors of if you work as a member of the press.

The chances are that you might not speak Swedish. That's partly why this site was developed from the outset of the project. Indeed, it's the reason why we're using English throughout the site itself. For many years Swedish design has been pretty hard to access internationally unless you're lucky enough to be blessed with a gift with languages or have a great contact network. Yet networks are normally established best if you're speaking the native tongue and are based in the area in which you're looking to scope out.

So, let us assure you - we've got the Swedish down, have hired an editor who's got a hefty amount of experience of spotting the hottest, most exciting designers in the land and happens to be an Englishman. In short, the site's going to make your life much easier and your readers infinitely happier.

The editor will be making sure that the site is fresh, packed full of news, with lots of interesting background information on the history of Sweden's creative pursuits and will continue to make sure the new blood of Swedish design is well represented on the site as he travels about the various shows and events in Sweden.

All of our users have signed off on an agreement which lets use images from all of our Contributors on their behalf to feed you with high and lo-res images at a click. So if you see an image you like and want to use it in editorial, you're welcome to do so as long as you credit us as the source, the designer and any image credits given by the photographer.

Each Contributor has the opportunity to link their social media to their page too, so if you need more just follow their various links. Or drop them a line direct. Our intention is that you can use as a stopping off point in your working life - hop on, flick about and find some inspiring work and then head off to discover more on the Contributor's own site or drop them a quick line to find out more.

Fast, logical and easy - giving you that great Swedish design that you can actually write about straight from the page.

For further information, please contact:

Alexander Husebye, Centre for Business History,  +46 (0)70-647 73 47

Richard Prime, Svensk Form, +46 (0)73-389 45 12