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There are two forms of registration on SwedishDesign: Regular and Premium. You can also select from Private or Company accounts.

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Terms and conditions

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The website and the services offered on its pages are owned by Svensk Form and Centrum För Näringslivshistoria, who operate in partnership (hereby referred to as 'Operators'). The following are the rules that apply to this website.

In the following document, all images, documents and other information stored by and made available to others on this website by an author are referred to as 'Material' and are protected legally by unexclusive copyright law.

The term 'User' refers to an individual or lawyer registered on who subsequently uploads Material.

The term Premium User refers to a user who has access to the functions granted to them upon registration as a Premium User on and has the relevant access and permissions to upload material pertaining to that user group.

By visiting or registering as a User, the User accepts the terms outlined in this document, the user also acknowledges that they live/work in Sweden.

Through logging into, the user agrees to using correct personal information.

The Operators reserve the right to make changes to these terms without prior notice and it is the responsibility of the user to monitor the conditions that are applicable to them. By continuing to use this site, the User accepts these changes.

Legal Notice
Users are required to ensure that all personal data is correct, that information partaining to Materials is correct and that uploaded materials only depict, reproduce, disclose or otherwise relate to the user's own design, company or the results of such work.

The user is resposible for:
    - Ensuring personal information (required upon registration and login) is correct and updated
    - Details relating to copyright and image credits are in place and agreed with all third parties
    - Uploading only materials, images, documents and related materials relating only to the        work and user themselves.

All material on this site is subjected to the rules in Act (1960:729) on Copyright. Users are responsible for all rights to uploaded Material belonging the user or the user's company and that material is not contrary to the law.
Through uploading material the user gives the Operators exclusive and unlimited rights to use and publicise the material and information itself. These rights expire to material removed from the website The users' moral rights are not affected by these conditions.

All rights to materials are held by their respective authors. Further distribution, reproduction, or commercial use requires the author's written consent and that both the author and source, is stated clearly as credit.

Centre for Business History (CFN Ltd) reserves the right to publish material uploaded and deposited to the Centre for Business History by Premium Users for purposes of archival. By special, written permission from the author/user can CFN use the material for research purposes, as the basis for published printed matter or marketing purposes.

Operators accept no responsibilities for and cannot be held accountable for infringement of third party rights through the distribution, reproduction and use of materials. Operators reserve the unlimited rights to remove any material from the site which is deemed to contrevene or constitute the infringement of third party rights or otherwise violates any law of which clearly does not depict, reproduce, disclose or is related to the user's own design or architecture work or outcome of such work.

The removal of charged material from the site does not entitle the user so recover the fee paid in advance or parts thereof.

The personal data used to login to the site is the property of the user and, where indicated, will not be disclosed to any party. Other information may be used to extend the functionality of the site, for marketing purposes and research based around maintaining and extending the functionality of The information is processed and stored at Svensk Form and the Centre for Business History.

The user can, at any time, change their registered details and request in writing to receive information about the use of processed personal data.

Payments on this site are made through accepted credit cards using the secure servers of Payex. Operators do not have access to nor handle card details at any stage of paymen or renewal.

For recurring non-payment of fees, the Operators reserve the unconditional right to block the user's account and prevent them from logging into their personal profile. Non-payment of fees gives the operators the right to prevent the user in lieu of payment from uploading and editing material and personal details.

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Those first to register as or upgrade to Premium, can archive 10 images at the Centre for Business History where they'll be saved and used for future research on Swedish Design.

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