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Centre for Business History

Centre for Business History, Stockholm (CBHS) is the world's largest historical business archive with over 60,000 metres of archived material including documents, photographs, films, thousands of examples of advertising, financial statements, a dedicated design archive and original items dating back to the 1800's. The archive also includes logotypes, patents, diagrams and many other examples of material from its member companies and organisations.

CBHS also has its own digital archive, accessible via Here the visitor will find images and films, documents and mail correspondance, printed matter, design solutions, websites and image presentations. On the user can search and explore the incredible historical resources from the companies who utilise CBHS as their own personal historical library.

CBHS is a non-profit organisation. Its task is to preserve and inform the history and legacy of its members. Among CBHS' members are some of Sweden's most dynamic companies who all receive CBHS's own title Företagsminnen (The Company's Memory), a digital newsletter, special offers, books and invitations to the various events and activities organised by CBHS. Each member, no matter how big or small, plays an important part in shaping the historical framework of Sweden's long and fascinating business history.

Most members regularly give material for archival. It's an important role in adding depth to the member and CBHS strives to build a two-way conversation between both parties, adapting the methodology to ensure that archived material is easy to access, easy to study and work with. CBHS also digitises media and documents with its own special archival system. Its inhouse experts help clients use their material for press information, events, exhibitions, installations, websites, books and reference material. CBHS also help to document factural evidence of current happenings, personnel changes, new products or special developments.

The work undertaken by Centre for Business History is financed by its members and income from services offered to them and other external parties. Its work also takes shape as many research-based projects which are often funded by special funds, grants and organisations or institutions.

Membership in CBHS is 2000 SEK per year for companies and 300 SEK for private individuals (as of 2013). If you chose Premium, the membership is included.

Centre for Business History / Centrum för Näringslivshistoria org. nr. SE-556546-9243