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Legal terms

About Us
The website and the services offered on its pages are owned by Svensk Form and Centrum För Näringslivshistoria, who operate in partnership (hereby referred to as 'Operators'). The following are the rules that apply to this website. 

In the following document, all images, documents and other information stored by and made available to others on this website by an author are referred to as 'Material' and are protected legally by unexclusive copyright law.

By using this website and its services you are agreeing to the terms which are hereby binding to you. Individual documents and parts of the site may be subject to special conditions in addition to the general terms and conditions.

The Operators reserve the right to make changes to these Terms without prior notice and you the user have an obligation to monitor the general conditions applicable to usage. By continuing to use this website you agree to any changes made. 

All material on this site is subject to the rules in Act (1960:729) on Copyright.
You are free to use, reproduce and distribute material from this website for non-commercial purposes. Always enter as the source of materials and the author or authors name/s. 

You may not, without express consent and accompanying written permission from the Operators, reproduce or distribute materials for commercial purposes.

Operators have no responsibility for any infringement of third party rights through the dissemination, reproduction or use of the materials. 

Law relating to name and likeness for promotion.
Using a person's name of likeness for promotion is subject to the rules in Act (1978:800) on the name and image in advertising and requires the express consent of the person in question.

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